Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning in MississippiFor all parents, worrying about a child’s future comes with the territory. But for parents of children with special needs, that worry can be magnified because in many cases a disability can affect the child’s ability to become independent and financially secure as an adult. That is why planning for your special needs child’s future after you are gone is crucial, especially in today’s climate of declining government entitlements.

At the same time, the cost of raising a special needs child can be overwhelming. Your child needs to be able to take advantage of the government programs and financial planning strategies that are available without fear that those benefits will be reduced or eliminated when you pass away.

With proper planning, your legacy can be set aside to supplement governmental benefits, rather than disqualifying your special needs child from receiving those benefits.

Professionals at the Morton Law Firm can provide you with information, support and strategies that will give you peace of mind. Implementation of such strategies, including devices such as special needs trusts, should not be left to those without special expertise in the field.

Whether your goal is to preserve a legacy for your special needs child, or to shelter an inheritance or personal injury settlement from disqualifying your child from benefits, Morton Law Firm is available to help you cut through the sometimes overwhelming and confusing obstacles that can prevent appropriate special needs planning.

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