Business Planning

Business PlanningForming a new business can be an exhausting task. The last thing that an entrepreneur needs to be concerned with is technical legal issues of entity selection and formation. The professionals at the Morton Law Firm can counsel you through this process by helping you select the right business form, be it a Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, bearing in mind the factors of tax efficiency, liability protection, indemnity rights, ownership disputes and buyouts.

During the life of your business, the Morton Law Firm is available to provide your business with all the necessary support, from routine tasks like annual minutes, to providing representation in various major business transactions and acquisitions.

When the time comes, we will make it easy for you to pass on your business to the next generation or sell it for a fair price. Business exit planning is a process we take clients through so they can leave their businesses to whom they want, when they want to, and with the minimum adverse financial impact.

Whether the business is being transferred to family members, a partner, key employees or sold on the open market, the Morton Law Firm can guide you through the process to maximize what you value. Contact us to learn more.