Mississippi Ranks Last in Total Number of Millionaires

It should come as no surprise that Mississippi, the poorest state in the union, also has the fewest millionaires in the country.  See recent report on the top and bottom ten states here.  Excerpt from report is below:

The Fewest Millionaires: Mississippi

If you’re ever
in Mississippi, hide your fat wallet or you might make someone jealous.
Just more than 3% of the households in this state qualify as
millionaires, and the median household income is less than $40,000 a
year. But while Mississippi may be one of the poorer states in the
country, it’s also the most
religious state
according to our list, so perhaps they can chalk it
up to living a more austere life.

Total number of millionaire
households: 33,792

Percent of population that are millionaires:

Median household income: $37,818

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