Senior Moments Episode 005

In this episode we explore Family Retirement Preservation Trusts as a way of providing an inheritance for children and grandchildren.

004 Senior Moments

In this episode we explain estate taxes and explore some ways that they can be minimized or avoided.

003 Senior Moments

In this episode I explore some of the threats to an inheritance that children and spouses face, and explore some of the protections that can be put in place with proper planning.

002 – Senior Moments

In this episode we examine healthcare documents and a solution for getting them to healthcare providers when they are needed most.

Senior Moments Episode 001

In this episode I discuss some recent articles about Medicaid planning that were contained in the Clarion Ledger and New York Times. I explain exactly what Medicaid planning is and why it is crucially important to consider.  I also discuss the importance of healthcare documents for children and grandchildren who may be off at college.

001-Senior Moments Podcast

In this episode we examine the importance for seniors to consider planning their affairs for Medicaid qualification.